Monday, January 30, 2012

Born Special

Readers: I recently came across this poem, which was composed in February 2010. It is sort of a love letter to Shadow Sunshine, my beautiful "blond"-furred German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross. In rhyme. This poem expresses flawlessly my love of mixed breeds!! Seriously.... I was touched and blown away by this concept!! Shadow has been on my mind literally all month, and I added her picture to Beautifully Unique's sidebar. So I thought I'd share this....

Mama loves your German Shepherd ears;
Which are loyal and very sincere;
Plus that beautiful "blond" fur;
From the Golden Retriever;
Mama loves those German Shepherd eyes;
A deep brown which never criticize;
Plus that pink Golden Retriever nose;
You were born special and duly so!

Then, of course, I composed one about Rose just this afternoon....

Mama loves your big light brown Beagle eyes;
They are expressive, so playful and sly;
Mama loves that German Shepherd body;
Which neighbors could determine before me;
Mama loves those soft, floppy Beagle ears;
You are special to me, is that not clear?


Karen and the Girls said...

Your mama sentiments are beautifully penned!

{while we were reading your newest poem to Rose, the two photos of her on the right side scrolled up so that the silouette of the bird was right in line with your last line of the poem ... looks like she's looking at the bird in those two photos =) .. samaria thought that was pretty neat!}

Stacey said...

oh this is SO sweet! I love it!

Just seen shadow's picture - gorgeous! this is such a touching post

Raelyn said...

Karen and the Girls....
Thank-you for the comment!!
Seriously?! Rose was actually LOOKING at the bird? You are RIGHT, Samaria.... That IS neat!! ;op

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment!!
Yeah.... I FINALLY DECIDED that Shadow should GRACE this blog!! ;)
She WAS gorgeous.... ;op