Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday The Thirteenth

I do not consider myself a superstitious person. At all. Walking underneath some ladder, a black cat crossing my path, or spilling salt in our kitchen will not bring me bad luck!! However, I am strangely fascinated by superstitions!! Seriously. Superstitions intrigue me, for reasons beyond my comprehension!! So, obviously, I love Friday the 13th!! And just this morning, Rose was cautiously attempting not to test "bad luck". She is one bright girl!! The sliding glass door which leads to our backyard also has a screen, plus this clear storm door. Weather around here have involved dishonest blue skies, and freezing cold wind. But rain is in the forecast!! And, perhaps, snow? So we have had both doors securely closed. Keeping the chilly air outside, where it belongs!! Well.... Rose has accidently run into both doors.... On more than one occasion!! Naturally, I feel terrible whenever this occurs!! Rose always receives a gentle scull massage, plus apologies from my mouth during such moments.... Even though I cannot avoid this from happening!! I try though.... I attempt to constantly be aware of our surroundings, and hold Rose's collar before she dashes full-speed after squirrels.... We even practice my made-up "wait" command!! But because both doors are clear, she sometimes forgets about them!! This morning, at eight AM, I fed her, as scheduled. I then gave Rose a half of Christmas Beggin' Strip. Now, she needed outside, to do her business. Everything went as planned.... I opened both doors, and Rose performed her "Beagle trot" toward our backyard!! Then.... She would not come back inside!! My mongrel began to, but stopped. She backed up, like a horse being controlled by reins. I knew immediately what was going on.... Rose absolutely refused to step through that open doorway!! Yep. She was convinced that our doors were still closed!! Poor baby.... As I patiently encouraged her, she stepped forward, then back, forward, back. "Come on, Rose, come on.... the doors are open!! Trust me!!" I softly pleaded. And finally, she bravely sprang through the open doorway!! "Good girl.... Good, good, girl!!" For a fleeting moment, I felt this intense feeling of hatred toward our storm door. But it swiftly vanished!! Next, I found myself praising Rose in abundance!! "Good girl!!" She did it!!


Stacey said...

Ah, Friday the 13th!!

So cute that she thought she couldn't get through the door even though it was open. And what a brave girl for doing it in the end.

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment!!
Agreed.... Rose IS a brave girl!! ;op