Monday, January 16, 2012

Thankful For Mysteries

The other day, I finished reading this amazing fictional children's chapter book. Authored by Ann M. Martin. It is entitled "A Dog's Life": The Autobiography of a Stray". This story was an incredible page-turner--I read chapter after chapter--and could hardly put Martin's "tale" down!! Her writing was beautiful. Descriptive, forthright, ingenious, moving.... Squirrel's story, however, is at times heart-wrenching, plus intense. I would not recommend reading it aloud to young children. But otherwise, "A Dog's Life" is an excellent read!!

Here is what the back cover said:

Squirrel is not like most dogs. At first she has companions on her journey -- her mother and her brother, Bone. But when they're separated, Squirrel must experience the world in a different way. As a stray, she must make her own way, facing busy highways, changing seasons, and humans who can be both friendly and cruel. It's a hard life for a dog... until Squirrel makes two friends who will change her life forever. This is Squirrel's story, told in her own words. It is a story no reader will ever forget.

Reading this book reminded me of the blessing I have received by never knowing Rose's past. I often wonder about my mongrel's history. Was Rose owned by negligent people who were too busy for her? How frequently did she escape backyards, chains, open doors, or crates? The nipples across her abdomen indicate that Rose may have once carried puppies. If so, how many pregnancies did she survive? Had Rose resided in numerous local shelters before I adopted her? These queries of mine constantly accumulate.... Like the light snowfall we experienced throughout this weekend. But reading Squirrel's story--a stray mongrel herself--has brought something to mind. Ignorance can be bliss!! I am obviously emotionally attached to Rose.... Knowing her past may leave me mentally disturbed!! Thus I'm thankful for mysteries!!


Stacey said...

Ah, I cannot agree more!!
Great Post Btw, really loved this one as I feel exactly the same way!
I'm constantly wondering about Jess' past. I know she was found wondering the streets and only a few hours ago did my mind wonder about 'what she starving, where did she sleep, I bet she was scared'. It's like my mind wants to figure out what happened but Im not actually sure I'd be able to cope if I did know!
Thank god our pups are with us know!

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for commenting!!
ROSE was found wandering the streets, as well. But we were MEANT to be together.... I FIRMLY BELIEVE that.... As were you, Jess.... PLUS Molly!! ;op