Thursday, December 2, 2010

Few Fleeting Seconds

Experts have, throughout the course of time, researched that stroking your dog's fur relieves stress in both human beings and their four-legged pets. Doing so, these people stated can provide a soothing, serene effect during even life's most arduous seasons. On Wednesday, October 6th, 2010, less than one month after I adopted her, Rose would not only prove this research correct, but she would drive its point home. We were hosting a shindig at our house that evening with several ladies attending. Since there was no men--or canines--allowed, Rose had been staying in my brother's bedroom with him, the cat, and some pre-taped television. Eventually he decided to get ready for bed. Sans my knowledge, she repeatedly stole his couch.... An "off limits" location. Also sans my knowledge, Rose was transferred to another room, abandoned, behind closed door. We were still in the early stages of our transition period, still making adjustments, still becoming acquainted with this dog!! She is not to be trusted alone!! Rose would only be in there for a few fleeting seconds. But during those few fleeting seconds, she would allow herself the time to madly pace our room, grow frantic and.... Have an "accident"!! Once I stepped foot through that door, a surefire odor served my fret as obvious evidence. Upon our gray carpeting was this pile of pooh plus a damp spot where she had urinated. In those few fleeting seconds Rose became fearful, lonely, enraged. And during those few fleeting seconds damage had been done. In the following minutes, I recall emotion conquering me. A dread flowed through my heart that Rose was only one "accident" away from being returned to the shelter where I adopted her, and we had been bestowed a dog who possesses behavioral issues far beyond anything I could even consider solving. Tension brewing within me, we stepped outside. On our front yard, the two of us sat, I petting her silky-soft fur, she staring into the world. Guests were slowly exiting my house. Plus there was still that smelly mess to clean up!! Yet, with each stroke of my canine's fur, the stress eliminated.

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Diane said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! You are a great writer!