Friday, December 31, 2010

We Are All Mongrels

While some pounds, such as The Humane Society, are well informed with its canines' history, background, and breeds, many are not. After all, these oft volunteer workers who serve those creatures so faithfully have more pressing obligations than to solve each puzzling pasts of every mongrel, crossbreed, or purebred that enters their care!! When we met Rose at our local shelter, her introduction picture announced: "Beagle X" (cross). She possessed no name, wore zero collars, had no tags, was never spayed. The kindly woman who helped us declared Rose a "Beagle mix", but appeared uninformed of anything else. Four days later, I signed papers, accepted dog toys and Milkbones, agreed to certain terms.... This "Beagle X" was mine!! Shortly following, we drove Rose for her check-up at our veterinarian's office. I asked him what breeds he thought Rose might be and the seasoned doctor chose his words wisely. "She's a Heinz 57." Not that I minded. I was thrilled by the concept of possessing this mutt!! And right fine with her being my very own mystery!! ....Until curiosity commanded me!! I have never handled uncertainty well! Rose is not just a Heinz 57, not just a mixture of undetermined breeds!! She has history, this we know, plus there are certain canines in her genes!! But what? So I cracked open my books in search of who Rose is. Beagle? Definitely!! Her diverse behaviors, temperament, floppy ears plus medium size and appearance comes from that amusing dog!! German Shepherd? I believe so!! There are markings in her fur coat, plus partial body shape which she inherited from this ever loyal breed!! Lastly.... Italian Greyhound!! That canine is held highly responsible for the other part of Rose's body shape, as her legs are slightly lengthy and she looks like this breed.... With floppy ears, the "Beagle" face, black and fawn markings, plus white paws and a white chest, of course!! Truth be told, we are all mongrels, in one way or another. Human. Beast. Nearly everyone holds multiple racial backgrounds!! I am Scottish/German-Russian/Irish/American. And based on photographs of my Grammy's young face, I resemble her!! Good thing she's pretty....

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