Thursday, December 23, 2010

Interactive Clocks

How eternally remarkable to me that canines can discern time!! In fact, my dog training books advise and empathize placing your canine on set schedules, which the majority of pet owners wisely do. As a result these intelligent, habitual creatures are fully alert when time silently declares "walk", or other significant events within their minds. Hanging upon our great room wall, near the half-bath, is this Audubon North American bird clock. Each hour, it makes a distinctive "song" from 12 different breeds. Rose, being part Beagle, instantaneously determined that the 8:00 AM Eastern Bluebird sings breakfast time; The 2:00 PM Purple Martin means her afternoon meal! Every morning, following our exercise, we sit on the carpeted floor together, I stroking her silky-soft fur. And every morning, she rises to a stand, grows excitable, sometimes bays, plus spins circles whenever its "big hand" strikes!! If I am occupied during feeding time, she'll find me, her tongue licking her lips. Now that Christmas decorations have been up throughout December, we've exchanged the birds with a seasonal musical clock which chimes 12 popular carols. At first, Rose mistakenly thought they were our doorbell, and barked her ferocious bark!! But, swiftly, she discerned which holiday song declares 8 or 2.... And stares intently at the wall, her eyes fixed upon our clock, forehead furrowed, waiting for "12 Days Of Christmas" or "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" to chime!! How remarkable indeed....

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