Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Butterfly

They say that one should be cautious with what he wishes for. Request something, whether colossal or minor, and expect it, they advise. This can definitely serve as truth in life's journey when we pray, for sharing my existence with Rose has proven just that!! While contemplating adopting another canine, there were various uncertainties to consider, plus even more inquiries to answer. Such as those typical questions: Puppy or adult? Breeder or shelter? Male or female? And then the ultimate leap of faith when making such intricate decisions: Temperament. Shadow, my first dog, this beautiful "blond" furred German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, possessed many wonderful traits, but being social toward her kind was never among them. In fact, Shadow seemed downright belligerent at times!! When I prayed for Rose's arrival, we were quite particular with our requests!! I asked God to assure that she is a happy, healthy, well adjusted canine. I prayed for no excessive barkers. I requested that she be nothing like Shadow.... Social toward people, children.... And dogs. What's remarkable to me is how God answered these prayers....All of them!! However, they say one should be careful with what he wishes for.... In that case, Rose is extremely social! So very social that when guests visit, she desires more than anything to meet everybody!! So very social that if she spies a neighbor's canine, excitable baying bellows from her vocal chords!! Rose's firm conviction in life is that all of society should be her friend.... "Dog person" or not. And everybody loves her!! One afternoon, we encountered this UPS Deliveryman. He had been scheduled to drop off a package at our address. Being mindful that this profession witnesses territorial canines, I assured him of her social ways. Then, to my surprise, he voluntarily extended his hand for Rose's greeting!! Instantly, she made a new friend!! I got what was requested when we discussed Rose's arrival. God answered our prayers. She is my social butterfly!! Who am I to gripe and complain?

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Diane said...

She sure is a sweet dog!