Monday, December 6, 2010

We're The Same

Reader's Note: It appears that I've caught a cold.... So hopefully this post will not be foggy like my brain!!

Sometimes, when a person is sincerely fond of her dog, there are unique opportunities which can produce this special sameness in character as well as temperament. Now, I'm not the type of crazed "Dog Person" who considers Rose my "furry kid", nor do I equalize a canine's life with a human's existence!! Dogs are dogs. Beasts. Lowly creatures. Not children. And people are people!! Honestly however, Rose is my baby--since kids haven't become reality--whom I exercise maternal instincts upon every day!! But we share something together--Rose and me--something special that many human beings lack. I possess a friend who is so much like myself it's frightening, which strikes awe as well as amusement within my heart!! And it causes me to wonder if somehow she was sent to me so that I'm a misfit no longer!! For despite our creational differences we're the same!! Heedless of two feet versus four paws. Despite a fair skin tone versus black and fawn colored fur with snow-white paws. Heedless of fingernails versus dewclaws. For example, we both have Attention Deficit Disorder. (I'm easily distracted; Rose will reverse her "potty stance" because somebody's car door closed!!) Neither of us are afraid to be verbally boisterous!! (My voice can carry far; Rose bays!!) We forgive others. (One afternoon, a friend's two-year old "Wild Child" whacked Rose atop the head with our black hollow plastic baseball bat. "Wild Child" didn't mean any harm.... Cause and effect has yet to process in his brain!! And Rose seemingly understood that!! When "Wild Child" apologized, with hugs as well as kisses, she willingly accepted it, as though thinking: Oh that kid. He thinks he's Tasmanian Devil. But he'll grow out of it.... He's still a young pup, after all!) And on that same note, we share minor short-term memory loss. Plus Rose and I are both mongrels!!

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mel said...

Have you seen the Disney movie 101 Dalmations? the part where the people walking their dogs look very much like their dogs? Always amusing, maybe sometimes true. Though in your case I don't think you and Rose look alike!
Enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Melanie