Friday, February 4, 2011

Muddy Paws

They say that motherhood is a difficult, sometimes joyous, sometimes arduous experience. An important task of raising children right requires patience, grace, mercy, discipline, clarity and prayer. I do not have experience in parenthood, as I've never married or conceived any offspring, but canine ownership, along with its seemingly never-ending training can be difficult as well!! One afternoon, Rose had been frolicking outside, merrily chasing squirrels through damp, miry dirt. This "hound" of mine attracts mud like no canine I have ever met.... She will frequently enter our house with wet, brown-colored dirt covering her front legs, thighs, plus abdomen!! So, I've learned to swiftly grab Rose's collar beforehand on rainy days and wipe clean my mud-caked mongrel's body using a towel!! This practice, of course, prevents any unwanted paw prints on our great room carpet. But that afternoon, she appeared excitable and bound through the door.... As my fingers missed her collar!! Uh, oh.... "Rose, Come." I commanded. But the expression upon her face was one that I have witnessed countless times. She will most likely refuse to heed my leadership. Only, it is an expression far beyond disobedience. But that of rebellion. Plus, as she snatched Kermit, it became obvious to me her plan: Rose wanted playtime!! However, all I could see was every single dirty paw print on the carpet!! I slowly inched forward, attempted to evade smiling, firmly commanded "Come".... But she ran in circles from me!! Around and around and around.... I lost patience, for a brief moment, then mentally threw my hands up. Now, my agenda was to wipe clean every visible spot. Ignoring Rose, that's just what I did. Immediately following this incident, my attitude shifted.... I was in a more forgiving mood. I entered my room and found Rose, sulking on my bed. What I noticed next brought guilt into my heart. There, lying on the carpeted floor beside "our" bed was Kermit!! All she wanted to do was play, regardless of muddy paw prints. And I am only trying to train her well. Yes, canine ownership breeds its challenges....

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