Friday, February 25, 2011

Curious Rose!!

Snowfall is a remarkable work of nature!! For every individual flake which falls down from ebony, ominous clouds has the capability to touch Earth's environment!! Each snowflake, whether colossal, or minuscule, can immediately blanket our outside world in white!! And trees, fence posts, the grass, rooftops, plants, cars.... Everything glistens once accumulated!! All because of countless individual snowflakes!! The news channel weatherman promised us that our area would transform into a breathtaking Winter Wonderland. On February 24th, 2011. Before dawn, at 4:00 AM. That was his forecast--and every wise person prepared--regardless of the fact that weathermen are oft wrong!! Close enough.... Around five, our world brightly glistened!! By seven, there was at least an inch and a half blanketing the grounds outside!! I took Rose for her scheduled morning walk.... This short ten minute trek up and down our cu-de-sac. Tiny flakes were falling, their resemblance more like cold "white rain" than snow. This was Rose's first real flurry.... At least her first as my canine, anyway!! And she appeared curious as ever about it!! During our exercise time, Rose sniffed at the mysterious cold, wet fluffy white stuff!! Her neck bent, nose down, my mongrel looked like a hound hunting his game!! Rose's nostrils never left the sidewalk.... Until we reached her "favorite" strip of grass!! At one point, she even had some snow on her black nose.... Giggling, I swiftly brushed it off!! I walked my dog two more times that day. What a delight it was to witness this remarkable work of nature in Rose's eyes!!

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