Monday, February 28, 2011

"Pet" Names

A contented, beloved canine will inevitably earn himself several nicknames throughout her life!! This is our testament of fondness toward these four-legged creatures. Evidence that they're cherished. These furry beasts are somehow more than dogs!! They're friends!! True, you bestow upon him a name, if she lacks one. Unless, of course, your canine had previous owners who called her "Carli-Ann", "Woodson", or "Trixie". Whether you change his moniker to encourage new beginnings, whether you keep it, whether you adopt this shelter canine without recorded pasts.... She will be given countless "pet" names!! Rose certainly has many!! Personally, I prefer "Babe". It fits her so flawlessly!! My bright girl even responds to that!! Because of idleness--Rose oft lounges around upon "our" bed--she has earned the "pet" name "Lazy Bones"!! Sometimes I am caught referring to her as "Rosaree".... For reasons unknown to me!! My brother has called our mongrel "Rosy-Posey", which I think is adorable!! Because of her unbridled sense of wonder, immediately following the adoption process, I swiftly began referring to that hound as "Curious Rose". It stuck!! Sometimes she is affectionately called "Rosie-Girl". Close family members refer to her as "Rosie". While years pass us by and Rose Elizabeth matures, inevitably we will add several more "pet" names.... For my Beagle mix is definitely beloved and contented!!

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Ruby said...

That was a cute post! I am so fond of nicknames!