Monday, February 14, 2011

Puppy Love

~Happy Valentine's Day, Readers!!~

When dog owners walk their canines every day, they meet some interesting and diverse individuals. Like a friendly bleached-blond haired homeless guy. Or an Arabic man whose beautiful skin tone is dark as the midnight heavens. You converse with these encounters, or sometimes pass along nothing but a smile. But when our exercise routines occur daily at the same time and location, opportunity presents itself frequently for those casual greetings with such unique people!! We have this neighbor, Gary, who walks a fawn-colored male Pug named Puffy. As characteristic to the toy dog, he is short, loose skinned, and has that scrunched-up black nose. I had for several years known of this duo, but until we adopted Rose, our paths never crossed. Once my super social mongrel saw Puffy, her brow furrowed, she grew excitable, her tail curled.... And she let out that eardrum-piercing "Beagle" howl!! Rose was new to me at the time; We were still in our adjustment period; Thus I had yet to correctly solve her baying!! So I asked Gary if Rose could meet Puffy. He said yes, we crossed our cul-de-sac and while the two dogs sniffed each other's private parts, I proudly introduced my canine. Thereafter, I secretly joked that Puffy is Rose's "boyfriend", because he was the only dog she ever howled for.... But then, the Pug happened to be our first canine encounter!! I would teasingly express: "She loves Puffy!!" "I bay for you".... Nearly every night, before ten, we met Gary and the Pug. Especially on Tuesdays. They would enter from the opposite side of our cul-de-sac and as I crossed, Puffy freely followed suit. Gary walked him on a retractable leash, which enables wanderlust. Our dogs both anticipated these meetings!! Puffy has not been neutered, so swiftly it became obvious to me that he was "flirting" with my mongrel!! In their case this seemed completely harmless, because Rose is spayed!! And what canine wouldn't "flirt"? She is this beauteous Beagle/German Shepherd/Italian Greyhound mix, with attractive slender legs, a cute face, plus floppy ears!! It was too much fun to watch them engage in dog greeting--Rose and Puffy sometimes played during these times, as well--I did not mind one bit that he probably lusted my canine!! Then, an unfortunate experience occurred. Darkness had befallen our skies. We were meeting and greeting, as usual. Until Puffy walked in circles around Rose. The black thin rope-like extension of his retractable leash inevitably tied up my mongrel's hind leg, trapping her!! It was 10:00 PM, dark, and most of Rose's fur color matches Puffy's retractable leash extension, so I did not even notice what had happened.... But Gary saw. By then, my dog appeared frightened, attempting to escape this trap, while Gary gingerly released her. What a traumatic experience that was for poor Rose--now whenever Puffy circles, she grows visibly nervous--yet my resilient girl still excitably anticipates seeing him!!

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