Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Stupid Dog!!

Dogs are bright creatures, much smarter in my opinion than experts make them seem!! However, intelligence doesn't erase the very fact that these four-legged beasts lack a little something called "common sense"!! I survived myself a near-sleepless Wednesday, February 16th this past week.... And I'm finally recovered!! Around 3:20 AM, Rose wandered about. I slipped on my pair of blue croc-like shoes, linked her leash, then lead her to our backyard. She urinated, pooped, and we walked back inside. Then, my mongrel appeared antsy. I attempted to no avail in redirecting Rose toward our room. Usually, she redirects easily--frequently Rose desires playtime--but I gently snatch away her toy. "Not now, Babe!!" I often say. However, on Wednesday, February 16th, this was no simple task!! I lead Rose to her dog pillow three times!! Then suddenly, with little warning, my canine retched, and vomited a small yellow puddle!! Uncertain of when, or if, she will do it again, I hurried her outside.... Alone. After all, I had a mess awaiting me!! I was about to slip on the blue croc-like shoes and search for my dog, but Rose already stood at our door, tail wagging, this crazed expression upon her face. She looked rather pleased!! I brought my mongrel inside, stroked her velvet-soft fur and reassured the poor baby. "It's okay.... You're a good girl...." Or so I thought!! I lead her to our room. She preferred my bed, and, feeling sympathetic, I allowed Rose access.... But only for a few minutes!! Wednesday happened to be her second consecutive night with stomach issues, both occasions merely one time events, which was yellow bile. So meanwhile, I pulled out this fat pet health resource book, flipped through the Contents Section and found "My Dog Is Vomiting". Before I could read anything other than its handy "When to Get the Vet" box, Rose retched again and threw up.... All over my bedding!! Great.... As I cleaned it, I observed that something was different about this pool of vomit. No longer appearing yellow, the mess looked dark, dark brown. And there were small black pieces within this puddle. I inspected the vomit.... Was it dirt? Parts of a stick? Rain-soaked wood stove ash? Who knows!! Her happy-go-lucky tail wagging greeting was body language for: "Hey Mama!! You'll never guess what I just tasted!!" Then she threw up!! I love Rose, and feel emotionally attached to her. But what thought crossed my mind during those wee morning hours? You stupid dog!! Because there was no longer clean covers to sleep in, I "camped out" on our red couch with twain fleece blankets, plus a quilt, alongside Rose, who had her pillow. Worry kept me awake until nearly six. Rest assured, however, my pet health resource book stated that vomiting is actually a positive ailment in canines. Doing so rids their systems of whatever they ingested. Yellow bile? Normal!! Foreign objects in the vomit? No reason to fret!! Throwing up may have solved her problem. Rose never vomited again that night, which, obviously, is a good sign as well!! Plus, the three indications mentioned in my book's "Vet Box" were nonexistent!! Also, Rose wasn't dehydrated, either!! She accepted her dog food with much gusto at 8:00 AM.... And kept it down!! I am horrified to think that my Beagle mix may have had some unknown substance within her. But now, whatever it was is long gone!!

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Ruby said...

Yep, that was detailed! Poor thing, I am glad she is feeling better!