Friday, February 11, 2011


Dogs love to play!! For the central point of retrieving green saliva-soaked tennis balls, or reaching those deep blue skies while soaring toward bright-colored, hard plastic Frisbees is quality time with their owners!! Whatever it be.... Mind-stimulating games, something ingeniously thought up, ordinary activities.... Canines never take for granted this simple mundane thing, they relish bonding moments with their masters, and these eternally social creatures never quit seeking out play!! Rose owns a green frog plush squeak dog toy, which she loves. "His" belly is neon yellow.... Or at least it used to be!! Now the stomach appears more of a brownish-black/neon yellow combination.... Resulted from my mongrel's inevitable saliva!! "He" has long, skinny arms and legs for tug-'o-war games. Rose owns other toys, but this frog--that I named Kermit--happens to be her favorite!! If she is in the mood for play, my canine will run toward Kermit, pounce on "him", and sometimes lie down, frog between her teeth. But frequently Rose stands in a "prance" position--backside up, tail curled, as though doing stretches--toy between her teeth. During those opportunities, I slowly, comically, dramatically, inch forward. I swiftly drop to my knees. Now on Rose's level, I reach for the toy. If I'm able to grab a hold of Kermit's arm or leg, she will sometimes jerk that frog by whatever part of "him" is within her mouth. I pull in return.... Then a game of tug-'o-war rages!! But never for long. Rose releases her grip, surrenders far too soon, and I win!! If my hand misses Kermit, she will playfully back up, then excitably flee.... The toy still between her teeth!! One afternoon, my bright, furtive mongrel tricked me!! Everything preceded as normal. Rose was found carrying Kermit. I did my slow, comical, dramatic little act. She ran off.... In the direction of our bedroom!! I followed my canine.... And observed that Rose had abandoned her frog near the dog pillow. Or so I thought!! Lying upon my bed was Rose!! More times than not, she merely wishes to chew an arm or leg, and "play by herself", as I call it. Rarely, I miss a fleeting opportunity, and she is done, without my participation. This must be one of those times, I thought. Laughing at Rose's goofy behavior, I sat next to her, stroked my dog's velvet-soft fur.... Then, in one graceful, rapid leap, she exited the bed, snatched Kermit, and fled!! I was conned by a canine!!

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