Monday, February 7, 2011

Secret Door

Canines can possess a sense of wonder in this world that is somewhat "child-like". Today is an adventure awaiting them. Tomorrow carries hopeful optimism. Yesterday's vanished and "the now" appears new or exciting. What an example these four-legged creatures can be.... Every first Saturday of the month, we host a men's meeting. Male gender only. No ladies--or dogs--allowed. So to evade any "accidents" from my eternally-social mongrel, Rose and I hang out together in our bedroom. I play three CD's, sometimes read a book and stroke her velvet-soft fur. Just the two of us. We always stay hidden. Nobody ever witnesses me walking through our kitchen, or observes Rose racing across the backyard. However, on February 5th, 2011, I had to use a restroom. And, knowing full well that I would need the cleaner, plus several towels when finished, I invited Rose outside. There is this white, magnetic door which was constructed on the farthest wall of my bedroom. It leads to a wooden porch and our backyard. Seldom do I ever open the door. There is even a white wicker chair positioned in front of it!! Only once has Rose been allowed access to this passageway which I call the "Secret Door"!! "Wanna go outside?" I asked my excitable canine. "Alright. I'll have to move the chair. This door leads to the backyard...." I unlocked its bolts. Turned the knob, and.... For a single second, there was that sense of "child-like" wonder in Rose's facial expressions. My "hound" beheld our backyard through this passageway she scarcely knew existed!! Rose's floppy ears perked up and her head tilted. Like she was Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia", when CS Lewis' little girl character entered that mysterious, magical world. If Rose could verbalize, my dog would have exclaimed: "Wow!! That leads to outside?! Why didn't you tell me?" The following morning, at 5, I was startled awake by Rose's shake. She needs to go!! So I linked my mongrel's red leash and out the sliding glass door we stepped. I prefer to walk with her during nighttime "potty breaks", for raccoons sometimes prowl about, but occasionally she will not leave our patio when I do. So I unhooked the leash. She fulfilled her business and then ran circles in our yard. Her final destination? That wooden porch which leads to the "Secret Door"!!

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