Monday, May 9, 2011

Booda Brand Playthings

I bought Rose yet another plush/squeak dog toy last month. Her second one in April.... Isn't she spoiled? It's this cute, furry Booda brand black and white cow. "Her" name is "Dairya", a play on words. I have recently discovered something about my mongrel. Although she is not picky when it comes to toys (A knotted white sock will do just fine!!) Rose seemingly prefers "hairy" stuffed animals over smooth fabric critters!! Initially, I hadn't planned on presenting her this dairy cow. Not immediately, anyway. She owned quite enough playthings already. Dairya can be given to her later, when a toy rips. Well.... I could not resist Rose's loving, expectant eyes as she watched me put away the bag containing that cow. I just had to give Dairya now!! So I clipped off the tags and tossed "her" in my excitable canine's direction!! Rose absolutely loved Dairya!! Atop "her" head, between a pair of pink velvet horns is this white "hair". Which Rose instantaneously chose to gnaw at!! Apparently, she also immediately chewed Dairya's left leg, because within less than one hour, I detected a hole on "her" crotch!! Oh no!! Small bits of cotton seeped out. I navigated my finger through this hole and could actually feel the squeaker!! But we just got it!! I had yet to even name this plaything!! Rose was smitten with Dairya.... She could not put "her" down!! What should I do? Answer: Stitch "her" wound up!! I had to be taught how by my sister, but the task was quite simple!! Needle in, needle out, needle in.... During just a mere short span of time, the hole was fixed!! I then returned "her" to my impatient, hyperactive girl!! Dairya's squeaker must be located in an area where Rose chews. Because she has never been the type of dog who makes excessive noise by her toys!! We certainly always know when Rose is playing with Dairya!! By its faint-sounding squeak, squeak, squeak.... Rose gnaws on the cow's stretchy arms and legs, as well.... She can spend hours just chewing them!! I have decided that Rose must truly like Booda brand playthings, since Kermit was from that company, too!! She must be a fanatic!! Or.... Perhaps Rose simply prefers "hairy" toys....

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