Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Doghouse

I have a confession to make. About an unusual personality flaw regarding myself. Whenever Rose partakes in any negative habits, I somehow feel guilty inside. Especially if she is caught "red pawed" by another family member!! Every accident, when she bays or barks uncontrollably at 7AM, every stolen food item, I place myself "in the doghouse". As though I did poorly training her. Like her behavioral issues are my fault!! When truly, Rose was adopted at the age of three. I literally missed 21 dog years of her existence!! Who potty trained my mongrel? Who fell short in teaching Rose that snatching sandwiches off countertops will give her a bad reputation? Who neglected to show Rose that awaking Mama at 3AM on account of needing outside is absolutely acceptable? Not me!! Her behavioral issues were because of somebody else!! Not my research, investments and training!! But still.... When Rose is naughty and someone raises his/her voice as resulted, instantaneously I am the convict within!! Rose's body language always reveals guilt. I am ashamed. Of what? My girl's negative habits? Seriously? Those few negative habits of which I had zero responsibility in fostering? I am constantly on alert to Rose's whereabouts.... This way, both of us evade the doghouse!! Maybe I experience these feelings because I'm a perfectionist. Maybe I dislike it when Rose is caught "red pawed". Or maybe there are certain people in my life who wrongly believe that canines should be angels wearing haloes and wings. Perhaps they're a source of these reactions? I spoke with this friend the other day. She is a fellow canine owner and animal lover. I expressed these feelings with her. She could relate to them one hundred percent!! Which made me wonder: Do any other dog owners feel this way....?

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Ruby said...

You feel that way because you are kind, responsible, and caring! One of the sweetest people I know!