Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fat White Feline

Dogs bark, this we know. At the ringing doorbell. When noisy garbage trucks pass through. At people walking their canines. When other creatures cross the backyard. At absolutely nothing. Every dog owner, every neighbor, every human being is fully aware of this behavior!! Rose has never proven herself a barker. She bays!! Rose barks for the obvious reasons that all canines do. But never to excess!! She always possesses a reason for "speaking". Earlier this afternoon, I was online. Suddenly I heard Rose. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark!! Followed by an excitable, high-pitched baying!! (Somebody) must be here.... I thought. Wait a minute.... My mongrel's racket was coming from our great room, not beside the front door!! She heard no knocking. Zero car doors slammed. No one's shoes touched our porch. The doorbell did not ring. Nonetheless, her barking and baying continuously carried on. And it appeared to be rather uncontrollable!! I stepped foot into the great room. Inspected our situation. In the backyard, passing through as though he owned it, was this fat, colossal-sized, white feline!! Oh. My. Gosh. As Rose's barking and baying persisted, I pounded on our sliding glass door, in an effort to scare him off. This worked as planned. Away he scampered!! Now I can deal with my loud-mouthed Beagle mix!! "Rose, Calm...." Bark, bark, bay, bay!! "Calm.... Calm." Bark, bark, bay, bay!! "Quiet." Bark, bark, bay, bay!! Finally, she was silent!! Giving Rose her reward for obedience, I slid open our door and outside my mongrel frolicked!! I understand entirely that canines bark at passing creatures. I do not mind allowing her to chase cats. And I know that she is a hunting dog twice over. I just never want my girl to consider that good behavior is howling and barking for what she desires!! Imagine the annoying behavioral problem this could produce!! Once outside, Rose sniffed around our backyard, trying frantically to find that obese feline!!

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