Friday, May 13, 2011

Dogs & "People" Food

All canines love people food, some more than others!! They cannot comprehend that the onions we ingest, or chocolate we indulge ourselves in may be hazardous to their health and wellbeing!! Dogs weren't educated on how certain human foods can cause obesity problems!! They do not know that a steady diet of sodium-loaded crackers, greasy French fries, or juicy sausage may shorten their lifespan!! (And when I write "may", it means that only God knows how long these beautiful four-legged creatures will live.... Owners have zero control over this!!) Plus, crackers, French Fries or sausage invites unwanted behavioral issues, such as excessive begging!! Canines cannot comprehend that the feeding of pizza does, in some cases, permit him to abandon his nutritious daily meal!! And as resulted, she may lose weight!! To them, food is food and practically everything tastes delicious!! When we adopted Rose, she was a beggar!! We'd be eating dinner, and where would my mongrel be? Beneath our table, awaiting some scraps. Or staring up at us with a face of longing. I had to employ my perseverance until she learned that this behavior is not okay. It was no simple task!! Now when we eat, I say: "Go lay down, Rose." And she obeys!! (Occasionally forgetting herself when we have guests over!!) Someone would be in our minuscule kitchen fixing a meal.... When Rose bounds toward the room, and "sits pretty", telepathically asking for food. That is how she was taught "Stay".... A command which my girl constantly tries to evade!! I do, in fact, allow Rose liberal portions of certain people foods. Baby carrots and cheddar cheese being her two main "treats", she also ingests the occasional hotdog end, or that slim apple slice!! Mostly, I ignore Rose's telepathic pleas. And with the above motivations in mind, I do a fairly decent job at that!!

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