Friday, May 27, 2011

Quitting Versus Acceptance

How frequently do canine owners give up on their dogs' behavioral issues? Diva is an excessive barker. Chewy seemingly refuses to get into his thick skull the "sit-stay". Ariel is downright incorrigible.... With countless shortcomings. Responsible canine owners try everything--borrow books from the local library, read their own, glean advice from trusted friends--nothing helps!! So now what? They give up on these beautiful four-legged creatures!! Quit is an even more appropriate word!! These dog owners allow Diva to bark day in and day out. Heedless of annoyed neighbors!! Their ears can even grow so accustomed to constantly hearing Diva's barking, that these owners eventually appear deaf!! And why should Chewy learn the "sit-stay" command, anyway? What purpose will this serve? Well.... If he's off-leash and you want to keep him nearby, "sit-stay" training comes in great handy!! Ariel seems so stubborn, so strong-willed, so dense-minded, that she will never learn anything!! ....Right? Excuses, excuses, excuses!! All canines possess habits or an instinctive nature which cannot ever be controlled, but that is where a loving sense of acceptance enters the picture!! If nothing truly works.... Rose has changed--gradually--how I raise dogs. With her, I have needed to be "fun, fair, and firm" regarding discipline. But the main aspect which has required acceptance would be that "Beagle bay". I've tried numerous "remedies" for her high-pitched, deafening howl!! Lavishing attention upon Rose. Gently "muzzling" her mouth with my hand. Inventing the "Calm" command. Ignoring this hyperactive, excitable girl. My latest approach? I lead her toward our room, close the door, and say: "Go to bed.". Rose happily pounces upon my mattress. I stroke her velvet-soft fur. Instantaneously, she's silent!! Rose's baying has long been ingrained within her.... To eradicate this instinct appears hopeless!! And besides providing love, nutrition, training, plus veterinary care, is it not part of our jobs as owners to accept these beautiful four-legged creatures for who they are? I think so!! But there's a fine line between giving up on them and acceptance!! Discerning the difference is not hard!! Don't quit on your canine.... She will never quit on you!!

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