Friday, March 25, 2011

Abracadabra!! Dog

As everybody knows, doting canine owners can, with time and patience, successfully teach their intelligent four-legged pets tricks!! Like "Roll Over". Two words and instantaneously Percy is flat on her back, awaiting a belly scratch!! Or "Shake". That single-syllable command encourages Ace to sit stock-still, and lend his master a forepaw!! Or "Play Dead". Those twain words prompt Gizmo into a "deceased" position!! Or "Sit Pretty". With this trick, an owner needs a treat of some sort!! She must verbalize the command. Promise Sarge his Milkbone. If executed correctly, he should sit straight up. Then balance upon his hips and tail, resembling a prairie dog. The reward? His treat, of course!! Rose has invented herself a rather unorthodox trick!! And it happened quite by accident, too!! I call her clever creation "Evade The Leash". One afternoon, we returned home from our walk. Inside, I grew distracted, as usual for someone who has Attention Deficit Disorder. Hence, my mongrel remained leashed a few minutes longer than expected. Not that she seemed to mind!! With a swift shaking of her head, Rose's lengthy red lead somehow mysteriously disconnected itself!! Now completely unhooked from my canine's blue and brown polka-dot collar, the leash dropped to our laminate flooring!! With one loud thud. Rose stared downward, her ears perked, and forehead furrowed as though thinking: "How'd that happen?" Right.... Like my sometimes-sly "Mongrel-Hound" did not do this act deliberately!! For shortly following, history repeated itself!! She shook, shook, shook, and off fell her lead!! No bewildered expression that time!! We do own another leash, however. It's shorter, more secure, thicker. This lead's "connecter hook" is also seemingly heavy duty in comparison to the first!! Today I seldom walk her while using that "magic trick" leash!! So.... Rose's cunning little plan has been extinguished!!

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