Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Not A Toy!!

Vegetables. They are grown in various shapes and sizes. Plus diverse colors, as well. Green, red, orange, yellow. Peas, tomatoes, carrots, corn. Health officials have long advised people to eat them, as they are rich in vitamins. Based upon my "Nutrition & Health for Dogs" pet resource book, canines benefit by ingesting veggies, also!! In fact, most are good for our four-legged animals!! The "dark green leafy" kind, plus red, orange, and yellow vegetables have been deemed most nutritious. However, onions are to be avoided at all times. Because these white, crunchy bulbs "contain a substance called n-propyl disulfide, which alters and eventually destroys the red blood cells of dogs, causing hemolytic anemia and sometimes death." In fact, canines who were fed veggies young will readily try Earth's vitamin-loaded treats fresh from our refrigerator!! Unless I am discussing Rose, who eats nearly everything!! Once, we chucked her a medium piece of raw broccoli. Which my Beagle mix did not hesitate to accept!! She caught it mid-air, held the wet, bushy green edible flower bud within her mouth.... And playfully ran toward our living room!! Rose then dropped that vegetable onto a rug!! She rolled in it, snatched the treat between her teeth, and pranced toward our carpeted great room!! Repeat: drop, roll, eat!! Rose reacted as though we had just presented her with a delectable beef-flavored rawhide bone!! She apparently considers broccoli to be some playtime item!! Much like many people, I am not a huge fanatic of veggies. I can certainly learn from my "Mongrel-Hound" about healthful snacking!! And Rose eats vegetables with such gusto!! What a grateful attitude she possesses!!

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