Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Severe" Thunderstorm

Ah, Springtime!! My favorite season!! When bright yellow Daffodils return their loyal blooms. When gentle raindrops shower from clouds above. When everyone welcomes warm sunshine and shorter days. When Robins serenade us each morning with their melodious song. When multi-colored rainbows stretch across our broad heavens. When rock-solid hail falls like minuscule ice cubes from ebony skies. It is a time of environmental re-growth, optimistic hope, seasonal rebirth!! The news channel meteorologist previously warned our region of "possible" thunderstorms for March 15th, 2011. That could be fun.... I love wild weather, and am literally mesmerized by spectacular bolts of lightning as it shoots down our welkin like veins within one's arm!! Plus, this may be Rose's first thunderstorm experience as my canine!! How will she handle it? Race rabidly through our house? Hang loose her tongue and salivate excessively? Or lie stock-still, completely poised, awaiting the weather's passing? It happened so strangely.... We were watching TV when suddenly, sans warning, there was a single bright flash!! As though The Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four made an appearance and snapped our photograph!! Rose's eyes swayed from side to side within her head. She was waiting. Waiting. Waiting for noise. Ka-Boom!! Above our rooftops, the thunder resounded!! It was close, so close, reminding me of storms from Roswell, New Mexico or Conroe, Texas!! The only difference? Not nearly as loud!! Now Rose was on all-fours, waiting some more. Next, the faithful mongrel flanked my side, as though glue attached us. Tremors of fear shot through her medium-sized body. She shook and trembled, while I stroked my poor baby's velvet-soft fur. Rose showed some amazing resilience, however!! Heedless of the lighting's alarming flash. Despite that thunder's heart-stopping rumbling. Within a short amount of time, her fearful tremors stopped!! She simply lie next to me, seemingly recovered!! The radio news channel station declared our region's weather as a "severe" thunderstorm. It was pretty awesome....

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