Thursday, March 10, 2011

Know Your Breed(s)

Adopting any canine is a life altering choice, one that should never be considered casually!! Not ever!! Before adoption, prospective dog owners should always conduct extensive research on the breed of which they intend to purchase. This way, one does not unwittingly get a colossal-sized, fur-shedding, saliva-mouthed St. Bernard, or a minuscule, yapping, high-maintenance Chihuahua!! Far too often, people set their sights on particular breeds, sans reading about them, and weighing those negatives with the positives. Then, inevitably, these uneducated owners are forced to give up that four-legged creature which won their hearts!! All because they neglected to research!! When I first begun dreaming of another canine, we wanted an Australian Shepherd. What graceful, gorgeous, intelligent purebreds they are!! Wanting to spare myself of an unnecessary heartbreak by adopting a dog who may not suit us well, I drove to the library. Borrowed several books written about this breed. Australian Shepherds are high-energy sheep herders. Beautiful, certainly. Agile, yes. Bright, absolutely!! However, he seemingly happens to suffer from both "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" and "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"!! She is a hard-working canine. Unless you keep his brain occupied at all times he will be discontent. As resulted? Behavioral problems. Australian Shepherd owners are "special people" fervently devoted to this breed. They must understand that being an Australian Shepherd master means twenty-four hour dedication!! Wow.... "Red flags" everywhere!! I returned the books, grateful that I read about this purebred!! Shortly afterward, we drove to a local shelter, saw Rose and.... For me it was "love at first bay"!! Plus, dog owners can also benefit by research after adoption!! Doing so greatly helps with knowing and understanding your canine's histories, instincts, drive.... This way, sans excuses, training is simpler!! After all, I have found immense gratification in learning about Rose's trinity breeds....

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