Monday, March 7, 2011

Racing Sophie

A dog desperately needs early introductions to his own species!! She reaps benefits aplenty, as do his owners, too!! Socialization fosters positive temperaments, and evades unwanted behavioral problems!! Having never raised any puppies, I've no clue how this works. But based upon research, from the moment a newborn canine enters our fast-paced world, through six weeks old, she begins to glean social skills. A puppy that is sold away too soon will develop problems regarding interaction with his own kind once mature!! Fascinating.... I am friends with this neighbor, Deborah, who resides behind us. She is a kindly, white-haired, experienced dog lover. I have truly enjoyed our conversations, plus her insights about canines!! Deborah owns this sweet, female grey-furred miniature Schnauzer, named Sophie. Sophie loves Rose, and enjoys rousing my mongrel into play through the cyclone fence which divides our backyards. Usually, however, Rose is occupied by snooping around, squirrel chasing, or exploring!! She will refuse to engage!! Until one Saturday.... While Sophie encouraged play Rose must have been in a mood of participation!! Because she decided to race Sophie up and down that fence!! This play began when our two dogs greeted each other by touching black noses.... Then the race was on!! Up. Down. Up. Down. Back and forth!! There was periodic joyful baying from my Beagle mix's vocal chords, elated yapping from Deborah's purebred's mouth....Then, as if Rose could somehow will that cyclone fence to magically vanish, so she can run free with Sophie, Rose circled our backyard with "Italian Greyhound" velocity!! But, in the blink of an eye, Rose returned. And resumed their race!! Socialize your puppy. Drive her to places where people, noises, canines, and strange smells exist. Organize "play dates". For people who decline to do so may miss out on wonderful moments such as Rose racing Sophie.

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