Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slight Error

Oops!! I made an honest "rookie" mistake as a writer!! While researching the importance of vitamin C, I neglected to read every section in my "Nutrition & Health for Dogs" pet resource book!! (There are several parts!!) Here is what I learned yesterday evening: "Unlike humans who must get their vitamin C through diet or supplements, most animals produce their own vitamin C. Dogs produce vitamin C in the liver from the blood sugar glucose. Each day, adult dogs produce approximately 40 milligrams of vitamin C per 2.2 pounds of body weight. That is about 1,800 milligrams for a 100-pound dog, 900 milligrams for a 50-pound dog, and 450 milligrams for a 25-pound dog." Fascinating facts!! What I previously copied from "Nutrition & Health for Dogs" is accurate, as well. Canines do still need its recommended dosage of vitamin C!!

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Ruby said...

Wow- that is interesting. I never knew that about dogs, so thanks for sharing!