Monday, March 14, 2011

Peanut Thief

We feed our wildlife. Or what few critters that inhabit the backyard, anyway!! We habitually fill feeders with seed for visiting small birds. Toss daily handfuls of shelled, unsalted peanuts toward grassy grounds so squirrels can eat. Everybody who resides under this roof enjoys these diversely colored flying creatures and comical bushy-tailed rodents!! Same as our wildlife seemingly appreciates their food!! Feeders become vacant swiftly, and peanuts disappear within a mere few hours!! One morning, I let Rose outside to frolic about our backyard, chase some squirrels, possibly urinate. We were planning an afternoon of running errands, therefore leaving my mongrel behind. I thought that stalking a few bushy-tailed rodents prior to our exit might keep her calm. And maybe she will urinate? As Rose indeed chased them away--but did not do her business--I ran through the house. Completed my lengthy list of mundane last-minute tasks before leaving her. Chairs on furniture to discourage my canine from lounging upon them. Radio on for "company". Foods out-of-reach.... Suddenly, I peeked through the great room window. Rose was.... Eating something!! But what? I rushed out our sliding glass door to investigate.... And retrieve from her mouth that little "snack".... Whatever it was!! Gently, I pried open Rose's mouth with my hands. A Peanut!! An entire peanut--shells and all--within her mouth!! I pulled it out, carelessly discarded the saliva-soaked "treat", and looked around. We had recently fed our squirrels. Much to Rose's delight, there were peanuts everywhere!! Which, of course, she was happily collecting!! "Rose, no!! No, no, no!!" I stepped back inside. Allowed her a chance to behave. Yeah, right!! Why would my "Mongrel-Hound" practice resistance now, when a "feast" of peanuts awaited her? "Rose, no!!" I yelled through the windows. I flanked her again, removed slimy peanuts once more and declared: "Alright, you're coming inside!! Playtime is over!!" Then I grabbed Rose's collar, leading my dog in the direction of our backdoor. Stealing nutritious food from helpless bushy-tailed rodents.... How low will she stoop?

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